About Clare

Hi. I’m Clare.

I always knew that there was more potential within me than I could see manifested in my life.

If you want to know what being powerless feels like - imagine being the youngest of 8 children, constantly trying not to be dumb. trying to impress, get attention, be loved and approved of, and figuring out how to prove I was smart.

I even went as far as to get a PhD in Chemistry to make sure people knew I was smart, even though it wasn’t my passion. I remember the Head of the Chemistry department telling me that he thought I was only doing a PhD to impress my family and I shouldn't do it.

I did it anyway. Then I did a postdoctoral position. Then a job in research. All overriding the internal voice that told me that it wasn’t what I wanted.

It wasn't until I was a few years into my career, working for yet another older man, that I realized I just kept creating the same dynamic of trying to be good enough for others, and never feeling it. I didn't trust myself and continued trying to impress people and prove myself, while doing something that didn't feel aligned with who I was, and spending all my time outside of work trying to ‘fix’ that.

So I broke away.

There have been many steps on that path of breaking free. First, I began creating a work position I could excel in, learning many new skills to enhance organizations including proven productivity tools such as Lean/Six Sigma and the latest in organizational and positive psychology, then eventually getting the courage to quit the corporate world and start my own business. These past few years I have led groups through complex, award winning process improvements projects, created and delivered leadership, emotional intelligence and change management programs, and facilitated groups through innovation challenges. Through all of these, my underlying drive is to give people powerful tools so that work is a place they flourish, contribute and feel like a superhero.

Through years of teaching Nia and yoga, and studying at schools at the forefront of feminine leadership, I learned to harness the intelligence of the body to creating high performance, connection and integrity in my personal and professional life.

I feel like the champion of my existence rather than the victim, moving with clarity and confidence. I'm using skills and talents that I love, so that every day feels like an adventure of my own making, rather than playing a small scripted part in a movie someone else wrote.

I want everyone to feel the same certainty and faith in themselves, so that they lead themselves and others to victory in their own work, relationships and life.

My offerings give people new skills to experience themselves with more clarity, confidence and self-mastery, creating individuals and groups unafraid to build stronger and healthier organizations, families and communities.

I alchemized my life -using all the good, bad, ugly, and gritty to re-create myself. I found out who I am and what I’m made of. I share these tools, ideas and systems that I use, to lead people to be at the top of their career and relationship lives. I’ll guide you through this inside job, and show you how to lead from wherever you are, to be a bright guiding light both in the boardroom and in your relationships.

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