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Clare Monteau Ph.D is passionate about creating vibrant workplaces, where employees and businesses thrive. After a PhD and postdoctoral studies in Chemistry, she began her career as a chemist developing processes to make new drugs, followed by a period managing the manufacture of pharmaceutical materials for clinical trials. Managing the complex interaction of operations, chemistry, engineering, quality, safety that are required for success fascinated and gave her an appetite for the tools and philosophies of Continuous Improvement. Taking on the newly created role of Continuous Improvement Leader for the organization she created and delivered training, and lead business improvements and change initiatives using Lean Six Sigma practices, to impact the most needed areas.

For the past 7 years, she has been facilitating business improvement, training organizations and impacting business and government agencies, delivering tools (Lean Six Sigma, Everything DiSC®, positive psychology and leadership development) to teams and individuals that allow them to create workplaces where problems are solved, relationships flourish, and productivity grows. These trainings and programs offer unique opportunities to develop both processes and people that has people feel powerful and supported, excited about what they can achieve for themselves and their organizations. 

For the past 20 years, she has explored body-based wisdom; informing her choices and expanding her ability to contribute. Through teaching Nia and yoga, and studying at schools at the forefront of feminine leadership, she has learned to harness the intelligence of the body to enhance both her personal and professional life. Her offerings invite others to transform the most challenging parts of their lives into the most magnificent, with new skills to experience themselves with more clarity, confidence and self-mastery.

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