86 Days to Thanksgiving!

Author // Clare Monteau

In 10 weeks, many of us will be sitting around the table with family and/or friends, celebrating the Thanksgiving holday. What will you be grateful for? If the word'surviving' come into your mind, then these tips are for you. If you want to have MORE to be grateful for than you can muster right now, then these tips are for you.

1. Set Your Intention NOW. You've got 10 weeks. 70 days. What do you want to be saying is different for you? Imagine yourself sitting there, hot food on the table, and complete this sentence "I am so grateful that in the past 70 days I felt more_________(fill in the blank)". Take that word, write it on a sticky note, in lipstick on your mirror, anywhere you get to see it a lot, and say it out loud every time you see it for the next few weeks.

2. Play the 'If' game. Imagine for a moment you were more " (that word you wrote)". What might happen then? Tell yourself a story of what might be possible if you are more 'relaxed', more 'confident', more 'strong', whatever your word was. Would you be having more fun? Would you have a better relationship with your kids? Could you be getting that pay raise? Your mind loves stories, it's designed to create them to make sense of the world, and you've probably noticed it makes up some very unhelpful ones. So USE the power of your mind to create stories of what you want, and enjoy the ride.

3. Do 1 thing with more care. I know, you don't want to add a single other thing to your already over-scheduled life, so instead of adding something new, do one thing you do already in a way that says "I'm taking better care of myself". This can be giving yourself a gentle head massage while washing your hair, listening to music while you are making dinner, wearing something that feels special for a not-that-special occasion. When we start treating ourselves better in really small ways, we give ourselves a message that we are valuing ourselves more and can't help but feel better about that.

4. Tell Someone Else about the above. Ask a friend or someone in your family what they want to feel more of at Holiday time, and tell them what you yearn for. We are designed to support each other and be each others cheerleaders, so give a friend or colleague a clear way to perform this task. And saying these things out loud gives it way more power. 

Go on. Take 10 seconds and propel yourself forward in time and imagine the story you want in the next 11 weeks. 

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