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4 Tips to Deal With Those Difficult People (DP)

Written by // Clare Monteau

One of the most popular training topics requested by organizations is one that offers tactics to deal with these DP. I guess that means we are surrounded by them. The definition of 'difficult' speaks of "hard to deal with, manage, or overcome".  If you know anything about me, I'm always up for a challenge-so here are my top recommendations for dealing with, managing or overcoming the DP in your life. Note-they actually require you to DO something so grab a pen if you actually want something to change. 


Sacred, My Way

Written by // Clare Monteau

Starting every day at Roman Catholic Mass at 730am with my mother was NOT my idea of a good time as a child. At some point, I’m guessing as an early teenager, I must have put my stompy hormonal foot down and stopped attending. She, on the other hand, never stopped her daily commitment until the past few years when she simply couldn’t walk there anymore.

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