• Lisa E:

    At the start of coaching I was considering quitting my leadership role because I was stressed out, doubting my leadership abilities and my decisions. The stress was negatively impacting my health and I felt as though I wasn't able to be truly present for my family. After 3 months of working with Clare, I had applied for and received an offer for a new job. The job didn't feel quite right, so I took a big leap and asked my boss for a new leadership position, one that I had imagined 5 years earlier, my dream job. I love my new position, but there will always be work stress which I can manage better thanks to my new morning workout regimen. I also envisioned, booked and took the best vacation of my life. Clare gave me the tools to believe in my strengths, to create the opportunities that I desire and to invest in myself.    
  • Diane Nickerson:

    Founder and School Director, Castle Island Montessori School.

    Working together with Clare as my coach I have more - more clarity of thought, more focus on what I want - in my work and in my personal life, and more peace and happiness in my heart. Like a sports coach who guides and encourages an athlete to be at her best while reaching her goals, Clare gently urges me with careful reflective questions so that I feel at my best. Our work together shines an awareness on my strengths, so that I can reach success.

  • Ammar Baray:

    Strategic Business Development Leader at Momentive

    It was a pleasure working with Clare. She brought creativity and structure to a difficult ideation/brainstorming session that I wanted to have with the team internally. She led the session really well, making sure all the voices are heard without disrupting the flow. Her business ethics and communication also made it very easy to work with her. I would not hesitate to hire her again for such initiatives.

  • PAUL F. VOGT Ph.D:

    Vice President, Procurement Momentive Raw Materials

    It has been a pleasure to work with Clare in a variety of capacities for almost twenty years. In all of our working partnerships (employee, client, colleague, facilitator and consultant) Clare has demonstrated the unique ability to align a large group of individuals to a common cause. Her professionalism, communication skills, leadership and patience give her the skills required to manage a room, listen to all voices and build a consensus. In our most recent collaborations, Clare’s ability to mix the tools of Lean and Six Sigma with her positive reinforcement to help the team achieve their goals for the session were impressive. On top of all that she is genuinely one of the nicest people in the world. I would highly recommend Clare to improve your business results and maximize your team’s effectiveness.

  • Dave Tomasky:

    Senior Statistician at Global Foundries

    Clare provided an informative and engaging presentation to the members of the American Society for Quality on how to increase employee buy-in and motivation to improve business outcomes. The techniques learned also enable career management and satisfaction. We will invite Clare to join us again in the near future.

  • Christian Phillips:

    Sr Director Drug Product Development Ra Pharmaceuticals

    Clare brings an incredible amount of substance to the table in an area where one could simply spin the rhetoric of lean thinking and operational improvement strategies. Instead, Clare rolls her sleeves up and methodically deconstructs the operation to the micro detail level while always maintaining a connection to the big picture and overall objectives. She gets at root cause to waste issues and involves the team in coming up with real solutions. She then maintains a connection even after she leaves to ensure that managers and team members alike are continuing to move forward and check/adjust the action plan as required. It’s also quite obvious (and refreshing) that conscious effort to ensure her services are undeniably value-added. She really cares. She does a great service to consultants in general, where often times we pay top dollar for ‘expert’ consultation services only to be given lecture on lofty principles without any real substance in the form of the application of those principles to the complex issue at hand. In short she delivers real results.

  • Alan Krieger:

    Owner Krieger Solutions LLC

    Clare Monteau is passionate about results, optimistic about solving challenges, and is an engaging and thoughtful facilitator. She is easy to work with and her motto is how can we make it easy for the client? Clare is that rare scientist with excellent people skills. I highly recommend her as a consultant and trainer.

  • Rania Jaziri:

    Jordin's Paradise Wellness Center

    I just had my coaching call today and within the first 2 minutes I had my first of many aha moments. She is amazing to work with and guided me safely through the steps I need to take to get my business back to 150%.

    Thank you Clare, you are  amazing. I am looking forward to our next call. 

  • Laurie Cooper:

    Program Manager, Capital Region Theological Center

    Clare's workshop on leadership was on point, professional and engaging! Our audience noted overwhelming appreciation for her presence and felt that she specifically addressed issues they regularly face. We heartily endorse Clare's business - and look forward to continued collaboration.

  • Irene Webb:

    My conversation with Clare was so helpful. I took notes! She listens very well and hones in on the key points. She helps to unlock where your aliveness is. She really wants you to succeed. Highly recommend working with her.

  • Allyson Schmidt:

    Founder, Brrnanas Ice Cream

    The Alchemistress understands what it's like being an entrpreneur and can really hone in on the heart of the matter like a laser beam. Clare's loving and firm brilliance, the quality and depth of her attention is astounding. My session with Clare was affirming, inspiring and motivating! Thank you Alchemistress.



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