Group Transformational Programs


Women in particular, due to cultural and societal expectations and norms, can be negatively impacted when organization culture does not offer focused networks of support. Challenges emerge and without these networks and skills, performance is impacted, and those around them are also negatively affected. I bring tools and transformative exercises to build trust and community within the organization, and allow women to deal with challenges in healthy and generative ways. Through this work they bring more of themselves to the table, and as a group/community, impact each other in a positive way that breeds success for themselves, each other and the organization.

Give the women in your organization unique tools to take more courageous and confident action in the pursuit of their own, and their organization's success.

Participants will leave with:

  1. Awareness of their own relationship with leading, sensing, guiding.
  2. How to support and build our tribes for increased mentorship and influence.
  3. Practices for reflection, celebration and comfort zone expansion to unleash their genius.
  4. Tools to overcome listening and delivery bias to influence and contribute more powerfully.
  5. An understanding the neuroscience of performance, freedom and creativity.
Emotional Intelligence:

Participants will leave with:

  • An invitation for transformation through Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding the neuroscience of fear, breaking and creating habits, and bias
  • Practices to improve decision-making, creativity and relationships under stress
  • Tactics to recognize and utilize own and others strengths and motivators
  • Powerful tools to shift resistance and influence others
Managing Multiple Priorities

Participants will leave with:

  • Feel in control and confident in your ability to get the right things done
  • Create habits to maximize effectiveness and reduce stress
  • Develop good team habits to complete projects on time
  • Quickly recognize what is important and what is not-and prioritize accordingly
  • Improve processes to reduce unnecessary work
Managing Change

Participants will leave with:

  • Tools to understand and lead change in the workplace
  • An understanding of how our own attitudes toward change can hinder or help us
  • How to best utilize our own and others strengths during change
  • Ability to identify roadblocks to successful team alignment, and strategies to remove them
  • Skills to become more resourceful than reactive in the face of change
Lean Transformation: Introductory Classes and Facilitated Transformation

The dramatic opportunities for increasing throughput, reducing errors and developing equipped problems solvers through Lean Six Sigma can’t be overestimated. Whether you have a paperwork/documentation process that causes headaches and delays, a quality issue with a product, or a inventory challenge, the systematic approach of Lean Six Sigma will get to the root cause and put in place repeatable, smart solutions to reduce wasted time and free up valuable resources.

Participants will leave with:

  • A 5 step disciplined approach to problem solving and sustainable process improvement, applied to the current business challenge
  • Systematic problem solving tools, and immediately applicable techniques to increase productivity
  • Ability to assess processes/procedures for eight classifications of wasteful activities
  • Understanding of Lean concepts, and their application to reduce ‘waste’ and improve flow.

Workshops are led by Clare Monteau, or a member of her highly skilled training team. All are tailored for your industry and needs; if these don’t seem like a perfect fit, set up a time to talk and we’ll develop the right solution.

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